Oh. That many pictures.

Today is slow and almost all of our shopping is done. So I am going through my photos this evening and notices something.

I purchased my Nikon D60 in May 2008 and have been using Photoshop Elements since then. My external 1TB WorldBook is where I keep my photos and PSE keeps a tally of all the photos in it’s catalog.

PSE file counter

10,272 pictures.  From before May 2008 there were less than 300. Wow. Most of them are disposable and will never be shared but… wow.

2 thoughts on “Oh. That many pictures.

  1. It’s probably more than that.

    Use Exif tool to examine the detailed EXIF Data of your last Photo you take (The unprocessed image off the camera JPG or NEF) and look for “Shutter Count”. My D80 is 26,667 while the D70s is 12,449

    I’ve been slowing down…

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