Cool Photo

Roger Ebert still knows best

I saw this great video on Photography Bay. I’m constantly reminded that my negative opinion on filming with DSLRs is almost always demonstrated to be wrong. Here is another fine example. The editing, the soundtrack, and the shots are amazing. This video was captured with a Canon 7D. It’s not the technology that makes a […]

Cool Geek

End of year Firefox goodness

With the end of year upon us, it is good to see Lifehacker doing a review of good things for Firefox in 2010. Head over and give it a read. I use Adblocker mainly as an additional security measure (yes, I have Google Ads on this blog) and this list escaped my notice. Right now […]


I don’t get home 3D

One of the nice things about shopping at Costco (aside from the discounted prices) is that they sometimes have product demos. Sony had set up a pair of LCD shutter glasses for a 3D demo with a good big screen and a supported Sony Blu-ray player. You can read about a similar setup at one […]

Cool Family

First snow of the season

It’s not exactly a white Christmas, but snow fall on the 26th is close enough. Looks like we’re going to have a lot of snow for Monday morning. It’s still coming down but I’ve already done a test run on the snow thrower. The kids are off next week so if not today, they’ll get […]


Polish Town run successful!

It’s Christmas Eve and we’re are prepared for the big day. This year we’ve all enjoyed a nice and quiet holiday season. Some years we do the last-minute shopping spree, but not this time. Our good planning worked and we’re all set. Just to make sure that all is right in the world, we headed […]

Cool Games

And while on the topic of Valve

I really can’t wait for the 2011 Portal 2 comes out. I’m holding off on getting new games for now.


What? No rockets?

From Engadget: Good thing they didn’t get a L4D2 character in their lobby. In 2011 I’m sure that they’ll upgrade the sentry to include rockets…

Just Stupid

Nathan’s Hotdogs and “those Chinese”

This past Saturday the family and I went in the evening to the Christmas Tree Store in the Tanger Outlets at the Arches. The kids didn’t have dinner so first we stopped at Nathan’s Famous for food. I’m a fan of their Chili Dog. My wife had a different than usual experience: she was insulted […]

Cool Geek

Power to the People! 3D for Everyone!

Okay, that’s over the top but for less that $4.00 I get to try out NVIDIA 3D video game effects. I have a GTX-260 in my Windows 7 game machine Home Workstation and wanted to play around with the 3D capabilities. NVIDIA does sell a nice LCD shutter kit for around $200 but I had […]

Geek Software

Trying Firefox 4 beta again

Recently I gave Firefox 4 beta 4 a try but ended up removing it. As a beta it was not bad but I had some minor problems with Adobe Flash and the benefits were not enough to get me to keep it. Firefox 4 beta 7 is another story. On a whim I installed it […]