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HP Nagware (DO NOT WANT)

I have not yet found where to turn off this annoying HP nagware. Anyone know where it lives? You’ll note that the two options are Bug me to death later. Activate the trial that you don’t want. Seriously HP and Norton, can’t you just get the hint? I am fine […]

Well that would sure end Democracy

No matter what risk to passengers, Unions Must Be STOPPED! DeMint said Wednesday that he is concerned that Southers would let TSA screeners join a labor union. via GOP Senator Says Dems Trying to Rush TSA Nominee – Laughable. It must be nice being in the Party of No, […]

Life after Borderlands

I’ve now completed Borderlands 5 times. Twice with the Hunter character and twice with the Siren. And I completed the Isle of Dr. Ned too. I have resisted the urge to get MW2 for one simple reason: I’m not thrilled about the story line. The first MW was gritty and […]

1:10 scale Saturn V liftoff

Sometime you do find fun things on Reddit. Yesterday was fun as the family did the Christmas day trip to my brother’s house.  We had a great time but I’m coming down with a serious nose cold. I think I only got two hours of sleep last night. Good thing […]

Wow, it’s still coming down

Looks like I will have to use the snow thrower after all. Good thing it’s all gassed up. I started it yesterday before the snow came down. At work Friday there was some discussion about what contingency plans will be for coverage on Monday.  That’s not looking like such a […]

WordPress 2.9 is released!

I just got home from Christmas shopping and my SVN pull down of the trunk was 3.0-alpha.  Which told me 2.9 is released and I should switch to the 2.9 branch. As always it’s just And that’s it. I’m now on the 2.9 branch. I’ve been using the 2.9 beta […]

New PC vs old

81 lb monster? Meet your 32 lb replacement. The old PC was a Core 2 Duo with two 150 GB hard drives and 8 GB of RAM. The video card is a Nvidia GTX-260 (forgot how much RAM that has). The new one’s specs can be found here. If the […]

Christmas tree 2009

I put the tree up last week but only today did the family put on the bulbs and tinsel. This year we could not find the glass spire for the star so we used one that we had that lights up. It looks good and I’m very satisfied with it.