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New PC vs old

81 lb monster? Meet your 32 lb replacement.

The old PC was a Core 2 Duo with two 150 GB hard drives and 8 GB of RAM. The video card is a Nvidia GTX-260 (forgot how much RAM that has).

The new one’s specs can be found here. If the old worked reliably I would not have gotten a new one. But as we say at work “It is what it is, and we are where we are”.

I’m probably going to clean off the old keyboard as I don’t like the new one too much. The new PC is fast and I like it.

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Jan Dembowski

2 replies

    1. So far so good. After I put my software on it, made changes to the desktop, and used my old mouse and keyboard, it’s like a much faster version of my old PC…

      I played Borderlands for hours yesterday and what surprised me was that the game did not crash even once.

      The HP keyboard that shipped with my PC had those half travel keys. Like typing on a laptop keyboard and it really bugged me. So now my smaller and faster HP has a Dell monitor, a Dell keyboard, and a Logitech mouse.