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Month: January 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! This is the Year of the Dog and we celebrated by visiting Lily’s family in Queens. The kids love abusing their cousins so it was all good.
In reality we just enjoyed the tim…

A Not by Kurt Vonnegut speech

Anyone remember the Kurt Vonnegut Commencement speech that never happened? Wear sunscreen? The text was great, and sounded very cool. It’s just Kurt Vonnegut did not pen it nor deliver it.
I was br…

Google Pack

Friday I installed Ubuntu on my laptop.
The operation was a success but the laptop died. Something in what I did made the NTFS partition an “unmountable_boot_volume” so I could run Ubuntu perfectly…

Optimum Online Boost

I have had Optimum Online Boost for a few days. It s not bad and here is what they offer (from the website):

Faster speed, up to 30 Mbps down and up to Mbps up.
Total of 15 e-mail addresses,…

Basement server installed

SUSE not Fedora
My Internet gateway at home is a old Dell XPS 450. It’s a PII running at 450Mhz, has a 30GB IDE drive, and 256MB RAM. No cd-rom drive, I removed it when it broke a few years ago. Wh…