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Halo 2 on Vista problems (continued)

Still having problems with Halo 2 despite removing the game and re-installing. This is no longer funny; the problem seems to be the data on my live account.


  1. cuando trato de jugar halo dos resulta que la vista de halo es alrevez, cuando le dihgo hacia arriba me va hacia la derecha

    como lo arreglo

  2. My mother speaks Spanish so I asked her about this comment.

    Jesus Suarez’s mouse is moving opposite to the way he wants it to:

    The mouse settings must be switched using the options on the main menu. That should make it go the way that you want.

    Or per Google Translate:

    “La configuración del ratón debe estar conectado usando las opciones en el menú principal. Esto debería hacer que vaya de la manera que usted desee.”

    I hope that helps,

    Jan Dembowski

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