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Month: March 2007

Webserver issue solved

I will not turn off “define(‘ENABLE_CACHE’, true);” again. I will not turn off “define(‘ENABLE_CACHE’, true);” again. I will not turn…

Vista sound mixer

Just noticed when I adjusted the sound in Vista. You can control the sound volume for individual running applications. That’s cool.


Webserver problems

I have been having some weird response times from my WordPress installation. I’m running Opensuse 10.0 which comes with PHP…

A real P-O-S

I always know it. Be careful what you say around kids. Today I took out the kids remote control airplane…

No need for Vista upgrade

I have been kicking around the Vista upgrade to Home Premium and it reminds me of the PS3; for now get an Xbox 360 instead.

Vista is like that. If it comes with your new PC great. But there is no need to upgrade.

Overall I like it, but I also like working with broken things…

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