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Month: September 2007 (page 2 of 3)

Akismet Auntie-Spam Greasemonkey Script

Hey I was useful finding and fixing a bug 🙂

Engtech’s Auntie-Spam greasemonkey script was loading the Akismet pages using xmlhttprequest to load all of the SPAM pages into one condensed page for digestion which is very cool. And for for non-SSL admin pages works flawlessly.

I use the Admin SSL plugin on my WordPress blogs. The xmlhttprequest does not like loading https:// urls. The technical description is “it borks”.

I found an easy way to modify the URL’s being loaded. After putting in one line to make the script only load the http version of the pages I sent the fix and Engtech updated his script.

It’s a really well done greasemonkey script and if you use Akismet and Firefox get that installed right away. And if you run into a problem, work with Engtech on it. He doesn’t waste any time fixing bugs once he finds it.

$10 HG Gundam models

Last week we were in Flushing and found HG Saviour Gundam and HG Insurgent Ginn for $10 each. We ended up buying two of each.

I assembled the first one and even put on the stickers for my son. Here is the picture of it put together.

HG Saviour Gundam

My son likes it a lot and is being very careful carrying it around from table to table. I’m sure it will be broken soon (he’s a 5 year old) but for now he’s glad that he has “his model”.

As HG models go this one was pretty good. It’s begging to be painted.

Fun work week

Since July 30th I work with my identical twin brother. He’s been there for many years and many people know him in the work place.

Tuesday I was on the coffee line right behind the manager of another group I know. That’s when someone stopped to say hi to the manager. In a minute the guy looks at me an says hi too.

After a month I know what to expect. I pulled out my building ID, pointed to my first name and said “I’m not who you think I am. I’m Jan, his twin brother.”

Him: Huh? Oh that’s nice. Did you get the info I asked you about?

Me: I’m not him. I’m his twin brother. I started here only a month ago.

Him: Very funny! So you’ll send me an email?

Me: Who are you? (I continued to point to my ID)

Him: ???

Me: See the ID? Look at the first name?

The manager in front of me was laughing and finally the lights went on. It’s going to happen repeatedly but no big deal. At least it happened before I had my coffee.

Ubuntu laptop died

After 5 years or so my IBM T40 laptop gave up the ghost. Dead hardrive. Given how cheap laptops are today I’ll probably go to Costco and pick up an HP laptop.

The old laptop ran Ubuntu 7.04. I’ll probably leave the new one running Vista. I personally like running Ubuntu but other people use that laptop and the experience was a pain to them.

In order to run Vista Premium you need 2 GB of RAM (at least). I have 2 GB on my workstation and it sometimes struggles. If I shell out more bucks I can get a more powerful laptop.

Or I can install Ubuntu on top of the new laptop. Hrm. I’ll see how I like the experience and make up my mind after playing with the new one.

Update: The laptop came back to life. I installed Ubuntu 7.04 with no problems. Rats, no new laptop for me.

WordPress 2.3 beta tag cloud

The WordPress 2.3 beta tag cloud is XHTML Transitional not Strict.  Also if you want to keep UTW then the permalinks /tag/sometag will not work; the /tag/ will go to the WordPress one and not the UTW version.

Hopefully someone will make a UTW like interface, presentation plugin that lets you use the built-in tag system but enjoy UTW’s tools and functions.