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September 2007

There is a country in the middle-east called “healthcare plan”?

On CNN’s web page it says “President Bush announces healthcare plan”. Does President Bush think that “healthcare plan” is a middle-east country needing a bombing and invasion…?

Akismet Auntie-Spam Greasemonkey Script

Hey I was useful finding and fixing a bug 🙂 Engtech’s Auntie-Spam greasemonkey script was loading the Akismet pages using xmlhttprequest to load all of the SPAM pages into one condensed page for digestion which is very cool. And for… Continue Reading →

$10 HG Gundam models

Last week we were in Flushing and found HG Saviour Gundam and HG Insurgent Ginn for $10 each. We ended up buying two of each. I assembled the first one and even put on the stickers for my son. Here… Continue Reading →

Fun work week

Since July 30th I work with my identical twin brother. He’s been there for many years and many people know him in the work place. Tuesday I was on the coffee line right behind the manager of another group I… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu laptop died

After 5 years or so my IBM T40 laptop gave up the ghost. Dead hardrive. Given how cheap laptops are today I’ll probably go to Costco and pick up an HP laptop. The old laptop ran Ubuntu 7.04. I’ll probably… Continue Reading →

Is secretly a republican supporter…?

Idiots.  There are ways to make a point reasonably.  Instead these marketing geniuses get inflammatory and any message they wanted to convey gets lost in the outcry.

Least expected Microsoft error

I downloaded Microsoft Live Writer Beta 3 this morning. When I tried to run the installer I got this dialog box. Too funny. I’m running Vista 64-bit version.

Whoops wp_tag_cloud is strict

The wp_tag_cloud is strict, not transitional; my mistake.  My theme is a mess in some places but I can get it working with WordPress 2.3 when it comes out.

WordPress 2.3 beta tag cloud

The WordPress 2.3 beta tag cloud is XHTML Transitional not Strict.  Also if you want to keep UTW then the permalinks /tag/sometag will not work; the /tag/ will go to the WordPress one and not the UTW version. Hopefully someone… Continue Reading →

Got tags working in WordPress 2.3 beta

My theme’s loop started with start_wp() which works fine for everything except the_tags(). I replaced start_wp() with the_post() and the built into 2.3 tags function started showing up.

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