After 5 years or so my IBM T40 laptop gave up the ghost. Dead hardrive. Given how cheap laptops are today I’ll probably go to Costco and pick up an HP laptop.

The old laptop ran Ubuntu 7.04. I’ll probably leave the new one running Vista. I personally like running Ubuntu but other people use that laptop and the experience was a pain to them.

In order to run Vista Premium you need 2 GB of RAM (at least). I have 2 GB on my workstation and it sometimes struggles. If I shell out more bucks I can get a more powerful laptop.

Or I can install Ubuntu on top of the new laptop. Hrm. I’ll see how I like the experience and make up my mind after playing with the new one.

Update: The laptop came back to life. I installed Ubuntu 7.04 with no problems. Rats, no new laptop for me.