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$10 HG Gundam models

Last week we were in Flushing and found HG Saviour Gundam and HG Insurgent Ginn for $10 each. We ended up buying two of each.

I assembled the first one and even put on the stickers for my son. Here is the picture of it put together.

HG Saviour Gundam

My son likes it a lot and is being very careful carrying it around from table to table. I’m sure it will be broken soon (he’s a 5 year old) but for now he’s glad that he has “his model”.

As HG models go this one was pretty good. It’s begging to be painted.


  1. What is the name of the store in Flushing?


  2. That’s a tough one; most of the stores there have Chinese names which I don’t actually know.

    It’s on Main Street between 38th avenue and 37th Avenue. It’s on the west side of Main street in the second mall just south of 38th street.

    When you go into that mall, on both sides of the door are kiosks that sell mobile phones. Straight ahead is a stairs on the right going down to some clothing shops.

    Behind that stairs on the same floor as the entrance is a store that has a Naruto poster hanging on the glass. Inside that store is where I got the Gundam models for $10 each.

    Next time I’m there I’ll post the name and phone number. They are a very small shop and I’d be surprised that they do mail order or even have a website.

    But they do sometimes have some good models. I picked up a special MG Wing Gundam that has semi-transparent wings and glossy parts from that store.

  3. Thanks for your help, its hard to find stores in NYC that sell models at decent prices.

  4. Another good location is Elizabeth Street in Chinatown.

    On Elizabeth Street, just north of Bayard Street on the west side are some stores as well as a mini-mall in the basement.

    The mini-mall is right before the police station. You go down an escalator and you have a good selection.

  5. The store in Flushing called

    A-1 Gifts
    37-08 Main Street
    Flushing, NY 11354

    I just purchased 3 HG models and 2 MG today from them.

  6. cool, thanks!

  7. hi i just read this i know its pretty old would you say that the flushing mall is better than the manhhaten mall?contact me at [removed]

  8. Richard,

    I don’t want this blog to be a place where e-mail can be harvested, so I took out your address. It’s in the admin portion where only I can see it.

    The mall on Elizabeth Street is definitely better for Gundam models.

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