Hey I was useful finding and fixing a bug 🙂

Engtech’s Auntie-Spam greasemonkey script was loading the Akismet pages using xmlhttprequest to load all of the SPAM pages into one condensed page for digestion which is very cool. And for for non-SSL admin pages works flawlessly.

I use the Admin SSL plugin on my WordPress blogs. The xmlhttprequest does not like loading https:// urls. The technical description is “it borks”.

I found an easy way to modify the URL’s being loaded. After putting in one line to make the script only load the http version of the pages I sent the fix and Engtech updated his script.

It’s a really well done greasemonkey script and if you use Akismet and Firefox get that installed right away. And if you run into a problem, work with Engtech on it. He doesn’t waste any time fixing bugs once he finds it.