This is a posting using Zoundry Blog Writer. fear-end.jpg

The picture on the side was taken in the F.E.A.R. game at the end. This is me playing with the picture placement within Zoundry Blog Writer Lite.

A few days ago I put in a lengthy blog entry about using the Apache module mod_layout. I wrote over a thousand words and the posting ate up most of the web page.

After looking around I found this plugin for WordPress called PostTeaser. This plugin takes the posting and truncates it after a set number of words (defaults to 100 words) on the main web page. At the bottom of the preview it puts a link so you can go directly to the posting. That plugin keeps the blog organized and presentable.

I have also been playing with windows applications for posting blog entries (see below). Right now I think that I am really choosing between BlogJet, Zoundry Blog Writer Lite, and just sticking to the ‘Write Post’.

BlogJet works really well, but for some reason when it publishes it posts to a different timezone (GMT I think, I am EST). It’s simple, I can (and have) modified the html code it generates by hand. The timezone thing is weird and I am sure that it is because I have not read the manual. If I can’t figure it out I’ll just e-mail the author. My lengthy apache mod_layout post was made using Blogjet.

Zoundry Blog Writer Lite looks really slick. I played with the picture insertion and editing, it does multiple pingbacks, etc. I need to play with it some more, and see which one I like.