Christmas decorations up tonight

Today we took out the Christmas decorations and put them up. We waited for the kids to take a nap and then me and one of my brothers went to the basement and brought up the tree and lights.

My brother and I began to put up the tree when my wife (who was handling the lights) asked if we should take out a layer, add lights, another layer, etc. We decided to put up all the branches and then put on the lights.

DSC_3018So much for plans… here is a picture of us putting on lights after I took off some of the branches. My wife handled the placing of lights (too complicated for me). After that the family placed the hanging ornaments and my mother and my sister-in-law placed the silver garland.

The end result was well worth it; the tree looked fantastic. My parents decorated the stairs and the dining room. Everything looks really good.


Last year my Dad setup a bunch of Christmas Caroler statues. He modified the street lamp decoration and replaced the ornament inside with a real bulb. Mounted the whole thing on a platform and put flood lights in front of it. Here is what the statues look like tonight.


Dad also put up lights around the columns. The whole house looks great.


3 thoughts on “Christmas decorations up tonight

  1. Well yes the house looks great. It was Alek, Janney & I who did the tinsel swags and Cristmas bulbs. Your help was well appreciated. MOM

  2. I purchased the caroler set shown in your picture to send to my daughter for Christmas.  Three pieces were shattered when it arrived.  I am trying to find a replacement set.  Would you tell where you purchased yours?  Hoping they may have another one.  Thanks.

  3. We purchased them last year in Costco in Long Island. That was November 2004; I don’t think they are carrying them right now.
    Costco brings them back around Thanksgiving day, this year they were a little different.

    I hope you find a set, we really like the ones we have.

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