Still more fun.

Dec 21, 2005 7:44 am US/Eastern (1010 WINS) (NEW YORK) Mayor Michael Bloomberg expressed his anger over the transit strike at a Wednesday afternoon press conference.

“It needs to end, and it needs to end right now,” Bloomberg said. For a second straight day, the mayor ripped what he called an “intolerable, unfortunate and unnecessary” strike. And he questioned how union leaders could claim their walkout was done to benefit the city’s working class.

1010 WINS – ALL NEWS. ALL THE TIME.: ‘Stop Illegal Strike’.

I worked out of Long Island today, so I did not have any problem. But Lily went to the office and walked from Penn Station to 15th street. I am still leaning towards the union. With the surplus it is really hard to take the MTA seriously.

Update: Strike is over for now.

Dec 22, 2005 4:45 pm US/Eastern (1010 WINS) (NEW YORK) The city’s crippling three-day transit strike ended Thursday when union leaders – facing mounting fines, possible jail terms and the wrath of millions of commuters – voted to send their 33,000 members back to work without a new contract.


No contract yet. Hopefully the two sides can come up with terms that both can live with.