Wow. While doing my early morning browsing I came across retroCrush. I think me and my brothers took that catalog to the electronics store in the RKO Keith’s theater in Flushing.  The store was part of the building and next to the ticket booth up front.

I remember because the Atari games were very cool and we had to save our allowance to buy the console and games. I also remember because that electronics store was crooked and pulled a bait and switch.  The ad they had in the newspaper said one thing but when you got their (with a crowd of other kids) they said it was a mistake and they would not honor their own ad.

That was not a bad lesson for a kid to learn and me and my friends went shopping elsewhere.  Now a days all my serious purchases are made online but I do like going to stores if only to see the games and other toys in person.

That store is long gone and RKO Keith’s has languished in limbo for 30 years. But visiting retroCRUSH brought back some fun old memories.