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Get your red hot WordPress 2.8.6

WordPress 2.8.6 is out and it’s a security release so update now.

I’m expecting the usual complaints on the support forum but so far it’s been pretty sedate. I’ve been using WordPress since version 1.5.2 and I’ve never had a bad upgrade. Of course, I have a good idea what I’m doing and have never used the automated upgrade process, so your mileage may vary.

As is usual, using SVN only took me a few minutes to upgrade 6 blogs on 3 different machines.

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Jan Dembowski

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    1. According to the note from WordPress, this addresses a security issue with untrusted authors.

      That said, it’s important to upgrade anyway. You don’t want your version of the software to fall too far behind. It’ll just make it harder for you to support.

      As long as you know how to backup and restore your complete blog from scratch, there is not really any permanent damage you can do to your installation. Just backup and then upgrade.