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Arg! MINI Cooper problems

MINI S from Stefan's set

Back in September I had the MINI Cooper S serviced by the dealer.  There were two problems with it:

  1. The window wipers would seize up in the middle of the screen and stop working.
  2. There was a sympathetic rattle in the dash board.

The rattle drove me insane and driving the red go-kart with that rattle just plain sucked.  The wipers? That was serious business and they had stopped working in the middle of a rain storm. So I left the car with the dealer and three days later they eliminated the rattle.  The wiper problem? No fault found.

Since September I have not driven the MINI S much.  When it’s cold and there is ice on the road, the red go-kart becomes a red hockey puck.

Today it’s cold but really sunny, so I backed up the MINI S and charged the battery.  The windows were dirty so I turned on the wiper washers.  The right nozzle did not pass any cleaning fluid.

The wipers seized up in the middle of the screen again.  I told Lily I was going to the dealer and went right there.

The service garage is closed on Sunday.  The sales people were very nice and professional but they’re not mechanics. I need to bring it back tomorrow morning at 7 AM and talk to the service manager.

Sigh. This does not happen really with my Mercedes ML-320.