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  1. I just scored 1,017,779 Bejeweled 2 classic mode on my PC. 32 Levels completed. “Legendary Geologist” classification (I think that’s a cool title).
    Would like to post a pic of the summary screen shot, but that option doesn’t seem avail here.

  2. Yep, this blog doesn’t let people post images.

    But that’s a high score alright. With the iPhone I can play, stop, play, etc. It keeps my game going for weeks.

  3. Mine is only 52893 level 15 i think everyone elses score makes me feel like a noob. Well if it beats everyone else i live with and pisses them off cause they cant beat it whats that make them.

  4. Like other post.. I’ve got a running game going… 20-30 minutes a day for 3 weeks… I just crossed 2M at level 41. just when it seems I’m getting to the dreaded “no more moves” I find a way to whip up another hypergem and bail out of it. the game goes on! this game is a time vampire but ya gotta love it!

  5. My current registered high score is 37,494,632. But I’m on level 145 with a score of 78,637,346 on the game I’m still playing. I’m a legendary engraver and a dork I know…but love the game!

    1. You didn’t say whether this was the timed gamed or the endless. My guess – it has to be the endless. In any case, great scores!

  6. I recently had a game of 2.4 million (classic, level 43) on my phone lost due to some sort of bug. I received a call while playing and when I switched back it started me all over. It shows in the Master Statistics that my best game had that score, but not my high score list, nor can I continue playing.

  7. That must have been one frustrating call!

    That’s one of the nice things about the iPhone version of Bejeweled 2. When you leave the game, it preserves the state. You don’t lose anything.

  8. How do I get pass level 13? I keep getting a bomb and it kills the whole game! Everytime I am on it, I only get to level 13.

  9. OK here’s the big secret and once you know this the game will be a lot less frustrating. The SECOND it says “no more moves” hit the home button on the iPhone. It will close the game before it has a chance to save it. When you restart it, tell it YES to continue game, and when it starts up, it will be at the last screen that you successfully completed. If you are really getting up there on the score, once you have collected a 5-in-a-row jewel (or 2 or 3 of them), press the home button and the game will automatically save. Then restart it. That way you don’t have to go back so far if you run out of moves. I’m at 1,350,000+ and still going. Now go have fun!

  10. I’ll try it.

    Personally, I don’t mind losing and getting a high score is more of “Wow, the games says I spent a combined 6 hours on it”. But this could be a fun way to have a do-over.

  11. Wow, that’s a cool trick. I have the PC version and I wonder if a similar approach will work. I’ll give it a shot.


  12. im on level 40 just under 2 mill in points and have 5 choose anys on the screen have taken a screenie but cant post it here 🙁

  13. My high score is 1,467,900 in Action mode on my iPhone and my highest level is 10, can’t seem to get past it.

  14. I’ve gotten 2.1 million on classic (level 42) and 1.5 million on action (level 8 though) both on the iphone. Too addicting……..

  15. High score on Bejeweled 2 Twilight is over 7,000,000 and still going at level 65.

  16. I play bejewed 2 on my iPhone and I’m currently at 1,300,000 on classic mode. And I have 8 of those 5 in a row orbs. That’s playing too long. But I stop and come back to it

  17. I am 7th in the Classic All Times High Scores with over 12 million. Scoring over 1 million is common. What helps is persistantly playing, some games can take over a month on and off. It’s also about playing one move whilst setting up the next and so on. Try to get a few ‘get out of jail’ globes are handy, keep them at the bottom and away from exploders. I can normally tell when a game is coming to the end long before it comes. The moves get tighter no matter what you do.

  18. I just scored 3,355,744 (PC VERSION)
    I reached level 49 and almost cleared it before the dreaded “NO MORE MOVES” alert popped up!

  19. I’m just below 3M in classic on my ipod touch with 2 globes available. Just for info, 3 globes in a row don’t disappear. And sliding one globe into another makes them all disappear! (I had 5 when I did that by mistake) good luck all!

  20. on the iPhone I just scored 329,497 and got to level 22… previously I’d only got to 39,520 and level 10… I like to hold onto the hyper cubes as “get out of jail free cards”

  21. I just finished my bejeweled 2 game with no more moves and my score is 9,890,848. So close to 10 mil, damn i guess i’ll try again next time. Good game!!

  22. Still going strong at 12,072,000 on my Twilight game, just dreading the dreaded “NO MORE MOVES”

  23. On my bejeweld 2 deluxe game I am at 809,061,109 million and still going, i have around 775 hrs on this game, does anyone know where you can post high scores?

  24. 11 Million or so, still going, I start to think once you get pass certain levels, it wont’ get anymore difficult.

  25. Im up to 2,165,434,120 and level 412. Does this thing ever end!?@!?#@

    Dont get the big 5 block special next to your blow up gem’s as they blow up your special gem.

  26. hello. just wondering,

    why can’t i stay at level 1 and continue playing slowly and racking up points?

  27. What is the most anyones got for total gems collected on the iphone version?
    I’m at 194,689 gems which is almost double superior searcher rank, which to my knowledge is the highest rank

  28. Wow, just jumped on to check out top scores on Bejewelled Classic on an iphone. Mine is 98.770 without any tricks. Have a theory about always playing the top 3 lines if possible, but now I know I can go heaps further.
    Thanks for the info.

  29. wow. those are some high scores! i just got the iphone app and have been addicted…but man, does it pass the time on the bus like a charm. good advice about using the hyper cube as a last resort.

  30. My high score in Action mode is 4,072,750 – Level 14.

    Just wondering how close that is to any sort of record for that mode?

    My rank is Legendary Jeweler.

    1. wow! I am impressed.. how long do you play to get that? And do you play for a long time in the warlier levels just to build up points? How does one get ranked.. is there an online highscore table?

  31. When I first started playing I was all about keeping it on the lowest level possible for as long as possible. Then decided I’d go the other way and try and get to as high a level as possible. I find that I get most of my score between levels 8 and 11 (it’s very hard to get past level 11+ and have only done so on about 5 occasions).

    As far as ranking goes – I’m playing on an iPod Touch and the game does it automatically.

    And this is the closest thing I’ve come across for comparing scores online…

    Does anyone know of other sites that compare scores?

  32. Wow, those games sure seem to take awhile ! I only use action mode and the longest I have gotten a game to go is 52 minutes which equates to 4.2 million on Level 15. Its too bad that they recycle the screen shots from Level 1 for Level 12 and Level 2 screenshot for level 14 and so on……

  33. I am on level 123 score 48,784,632 on Bejeweled 2 classic on my iphone and still going!!!!!!!

  34. What a load of bull**** this thread is. From starting off at reasonable scores to people saying they got ‘853,224,700’ or ‘818,253,435’. Clearly these people are using cheats and the fact that they are sad enough to then play so long to achieve 8.5M with cheats suprises me. ******* ****ds xD

  35. It’s been a weird but fascinating time watching the comments on this thread. Of all the things on my blog to get a response, this one amazes me.

    I mean, it’s an iPhone game. How much time can a person spend playing on their phone…?

    I’m closing comments down because there are probably better places on the Internet to head to to share Bejeweled 2 scores. My own scores on the iPhone never come near what’s been posted.

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