My son is a huge train fan so we are going to take the Acela from Penn Station to Washington DC.  The plan is to get to DC and spend lots of time in the Smithsonian. He’s more excited about the train than he is going back to the Air and Space Museum.

If there was a train museum in DC we would have to sedate him to get him out of there. He’s that fixated on trains.

Naturally I will have my camera. I’ll take some photos from the train but for me all the fun happens when we’re walking around the capital. I’ll be packing light so the only gear I’ll have will be the Acer netbook and lots of SDHC memory cards. For extended trips I normally take a laptop so I can dump the pictures but this will only be a few days.

It will be a good trip and I’ll post links to the Flickr page afterward.