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CNN has this article about an illegal immigrant who married someone who’s legally in the U.S. but had to go back to Mexico. This seperated the husband from his wife; it’s a sad story and shows some of the real problems that illegal immigrants face.

But what struck me as I read the article was the sidebar advertisement. Ads on websites typically work like this: the advertisement will match up the content. That’s the idea at least.

Here is a picture of the website from my computer.

CNN fun ad

Note the sad picture of the husband crying (nice journalism CNN, you really raised the standard on a serious topic).

Now look at the sidebar ad. I guess the terms “husband”, “wife”, and “love” matched the ad up to the article. At least to another computer.

5 thoughts on “More fun ad placements

  1. I think what we need to look at here is the fact that this man committed a crime. He is living here illegally. If I have to pay taxes, he does too. All are welcome here, we are a melting pot, but there are rules for coming in and staying in. Of course, some of them are about money, but some of them are for our protection and security as a nation. Remember 9/11? I’m not saying that Hispanics are terrorists! I’m saying that if ANYONE wants to live here, come on in! But do it legally.

  2. If the American citizen would have followed the law like I did with my Canadian wife she would not be in this predicament. What she should have done is send him back to Mexico BEFORE they got married and applied for a fiance visa. Perhaps there still would have been difficulties because he was here illegal so long but I think she would have an easier time now.

  3. @Pamela: I do agree that this man committed a crime, and I don’t really have a solution myself that anyone would like.

    Personally I believe that if someone does this, they should not have to wait 10 years for eligibility to return. If he follows the law and his spouse is willing to sponsor him (odds are good) then he should have a process to be able to return sooner and contribute.

    @Benjamin: 20/20 hindsight on their part. That’s what they ought to have done and congrats, you followed the law and I’m glad you avoided this mess.

    But had this couple done this that would have not been newsworthy. I mean, where would CNN get that touchy tear filled shot had that man just followed the law?

    Also this news item provides people the opportunity to take a knock at a law that they dislike.

    I think the practical thing for this couple is to follow the process and if that fails (as it is expected) get ready to live together in Mexico.

  4. The 10 year ban is too harsh. We are talking about United States Citizens who have rights. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When will this country get it right? I don’t think it is right for a United States citizen to have to leave the country. If they want to punish them for entering illegally there are fines to pay but 10 years is too long.

  5. Well actually only the wife is a U.S. citizen but I agree with you. 10 years is punitive and I really don’t get the point.

    If someone got here illegally then, yes, there needs to be a way to discourage this. Banning them from the country is not the solution since they have demonstrated that they can get here illegally. What’s to stop them from doing it all over again?

    In this case the couple got married and I did not read in the article anything to indicate any type of fraud.

    The government wants to discourage illegals. How about a fine? Does this couple really fit the profile of the “undesirable alien”? If this couple paid a fine (no, I have no idea how you calculate the fine, just don’t ask the RIAA or MPAA) would that placate the authorities?

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