I should make a new category called “Just Really Really Really Stupid”. I Saw this on Digg, it’s apparently old.

Google is your XP key friend. I’m not saying Google is bad, I’m saying that the company hosting this information is amazingly too stupid for words.

“The Company (who’s name shall not be said here like Beetlejuice), located in Maynard, MA, develops and licenses Internet based products which help make personal computers easier to use and maintain by large and small business users and individual consumers.”

I’ve never heard of them but if they’re going to make available their customers data then they sure are making personal computers easy to use alright. Especially for other people.

Update: After doing a RTFA I see it’s actually business as usual. The company is not posting the information. Apparently the end users are posting it.

Whew, I feel much better now. I mean some end users will do anything…