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Oompa Loompa for President?

I’m finding it really amazing that this extremely talented con-artist talks about running for the office of the POTUS and the press just eat it up. What next, Howard Stern for office? And don’t think I’m being negative by referring… Continue Reading →

HP Nagware (DO NOT WANT)

I have not yet found where to turn off this annoying HP nagware. Anyone know where it lives? You’ll note that the two options are Bug me to death later. Activate the trial that you don’t want. Seriously HP and… Continue Reading →

These people need to get arrested

Honestly, some people do need to be made into an object lesson. The couple’s lawyer, Paul W. Gardner of Baltimore, asserts that the Salahis had been “cleared, by the White House,” to be at the event, and so were not… Continue Reading →

The most important election was decided last night

This morning I heard the results of an election I was following: NY-23 went to Bill Owens. Just to be clear, NY-23 is a district that is on the Canadian border and except for it being a special election it… Continue Reading →

Don’t look at the clock, just go to sleep

You know how when you can’t sleep, your eyes sometimes wander to the digital clock on the night table? At some point everyone does that. It’s no good since you are not going to sleep, you are just watching the… Continue Reading →

Thank you Adobe, but no thanks

Update: Look before you click.  The McAfee component is optional and you are given the chance to not install it on the Abobe web page. -Original posting below.- So I downloaded the updated Firefox 3.5.3 and when it came up… Continue Reading →

Health care at it’s worst

The whole debate over health care makes me shake my head. Horror stories are told on both sides but this one has to strike a cord in anyone reading it. In a statement issued yesterday after it had approved the… Continue Reading →

AOL picks on the wrong end user

You’ve got Blackmail! Nice that AOL picks on a WSJ writer. Too bad that AOL is not already out of business.

The President went on a date, get over it

President Obama took his wife on a date Saturday and some people are going nuts. The RNC I can understand since they are the “ZOMG we lost, now what?!” party. But regular folks who are in arms about this need… Continue Reading →

He’s nuts, no way around it

Well, this is a Maverick move.  Or maybe Senator McCain is just nuts. “We haven’t heard hide nor hair of Sen. McCain in these negotiations,” said Schumer, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. “He has not been involved except for… Continue Reading →

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