Yesterday afternoon my family lost our cable access. One of my neighbors is having their driveway re-paved and the contractor did not get the Cablevision guys to mark out where not to cut. It was an accident and my neighbor feels really bad about it.

This evening Cablevision sent out a guy to fix it. They only learned about the cut this afternoon from the first guy but were able to send another truck and get a temporary cable run. Temporary because the driveway contractor needs to get it underneath the driveway. Good job to Cablevision on a quick response.

Losing the TV was not a big deal for me; losing my only access to the Internet was pretty funny. No TV, no Internet, so once the kids were asleep I figured I would do some exercise.

I have begun to do 30 minutes on a treadmill in my basement. Last night while Lily was eating and talking to me in the basement I did my time on the treadmill.

I forgot to put on shoes. For me this is not unusual and I walk out to get the mail and newspaper bare foot all the time (which drives Lily nuts). But after 30 minutes I noticed that the soles of my feet were feeling “tingly”. My right foot is sore but on my left foot I apparently land on the part of my foot behind the toes hard. I’d gotten a blister that looked like it popped immediately. Hurts when I am not walking. When I do walk I have to remember to walk correctly or I get pain in my ankle.

With socks and sneakers I was able to do another 30 minutes today. I learned my lesson.