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Vacation is over

Today I went back to work after a week of vacation. It was a bit surreal; during my time off I was not tempted to check e-mail once. A whole week with the family, chasing the kids, assembling models and playing games. Ah, life was good!

Speaking of models here are the last two I finished.


The first one was a HGUC Xekueins. As HG goes it was okay. It assembled really well and looks like with a little glue on a couple of seams and it should be good to paint. The only parts that really need glue were the shoulder covers and tanks. It’s an awkward model and does not pose very well.


The other model I completed was a MG Wing Gundam ver Ka. This was a fairly recent model and was fun to assemble. It’s a bright model that shouts “No really, shoot ME down”. The decals look like death to apply and many parts on the wings need to be painted separately then glued into place.

I’ll probably paint my HGUC Bawoo first (I primed it months ago). The newer master grades usually disassemble into parts that are the same color. This appeals to me since I am not really good at painting them.

The hi-res pictures really shows off all the plastic dust and flash that I missed.


  1. awesome gunpla ^^

  2. Ben,

    Glad you like them.  I’m in the middle of building a version 2.0 MS-06S Zaku II.  Don’t know when I’ll complete it but so far it’s a good model.

  3. the 1st one looks bulky so the best pose i could think of is to switch the right hand (pic view) with open hand turn the model slightly to the left and pull hand up ^^

  4. may put the mech pics on playstion portable ps im using it to be online

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