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Month: February 2008 (page 2 of 2)

Crazy people on the Supreme Court

Normally, a nut as a judge is just odd. If he makes enough bad calls he gets pulled off the bench.  Some really odd people have been on the bench for years.

The “debate” about water boarding is ridiculous. It’s torture, no arguement about it. The U.S. government tried and convicted other people for doing it. Until the Jack Bauer crowd came into power, it was reprehensible. Now these fear mongers have gotten the U.S. to use phrases like “water boarding, which some consider to be torture”. This is just unbelievable. Whatever happened to people just speaking plainly?

Antonin Scalia is a nut. His idea that “smacking someone in the face” could be justified is beneath that of a Supreme Court Justice. Forget the constitutionality of torturing people, or that it’s a crime under the law. In his Jack Bauer world anything can be justified and the hell with the law or the constitution.

I wish this nut job would just get his cameo on the new season of 24. Just get this stupidity out of his system and then maybe he can actually concentrate on his job instead of being Vice President Cheney’s towel boy.

Gundam 00 Episode 18

Gundam Exia attacking the Throne Gundams

Well that did not take long. Episode 18 reveals more of the fact the the Throne Gundams are not Celestial Being. They use imitation Solar Generators and one of the observers is definetly a traitor.

The three pilots are further revealed to be psychotic murderers. The girl Throne pilot massacred a wedding party that Louise was attending for no reason at all.

The scene was a little thick. I mean the viewer gets it that the Throne pilots are bad but that was way over the top. Graham Aker manages to damage one of the Thrones too, so they are not on par with Setsuna.

The episode wraps up with Setsuna attacking the three Throne Gundams. I’m sure that that will not go well since Setsuna is acting on his own.

Wow, Romney called it quits

I just read on CNN that Romney is “suspending” his campaign. Suspending, does that mean he can kick start it at a later date?

His reasoning sounded patriotic. He’s color coding the threat level (a Democrat winning the election would raise the threat level to blood red) and doing the don’t-let-the-terrorists-win act. I think he’s making a mistake; President Bush has ridden that horse into the ground. People are aware of the terrorist threat but mostly they won’t let fear drive them anymore.

If voters really worked that way then Rudy Giuliani would have more delegates than Mike Huckabee.

Now the Republican race will be fun. John McCain is loathed by many hard core conservatives (I don’t get that one either, but in my mind he’s hated by all the right people) but so far he has a big lead. And Mike Huckabee, every time he speaks lately I have to remind myself that I don’t agree with many of his views. He’s a great public speaker.

Maybe we’ll see a McCain Huckabee ticket?

Gundam 00 Episode 17

Now things are getting interesting. According to the last episode, Veda had no information regarding the new Gundams or their solar generators.

The new Haro was discovered 80 years ago

In the beginning of episode 17 it looks like some people scavenged a station orbiting Jupiter 80 years ago. Celestial Being has a competing organization; it was from that station that the purple haro came from.

Apparently the solar generators can only be created around Jupiter. When the Union professor realized that, he began to speculate that the purpose of Aeolia Schenberg’s plan might not be the eradication of war. He was killed soon after arriving at that conclusion by the new Throne Gundams.

The new Gundam Meisters are nuts. They claim they are part of Celestial Being but they can’t be; why steal their Haro from an abandoned station? Their technology is different and they are not stable and seek confrontation.