I just read on CNN that Romney is “suspending” his campaign. Suspending, does that mean he can kick start it at a later date?

His reasoning sounded patriotic. He’s color coding the threat level (a Democrat winning the election would raise the threat level to blood red) and doing the don’t-let-the-terrorists-win act. I think he’s making a mistake; President Bush has ridden that horse into the ground. People are aware of the terrorist threat but mostly they won’t let fear drive them anymore.

If voters really worked that way then Rudy Giuliani would have more delegates than Mike Huckabee.

Now the Republican race will be fun. John McCain is loathed by many hard core conservatives (I don’t get that one either, but in my mind he’s hated by all the right people) but so far he has a big lead. And Mike Huckabee, every time he speaks lately I have to remind myself that I don’t agree with many of his views. He’s a great public speaker.

Maybe we’ll see a McCain Huckabee ticket?