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John McCain

Your VP candidate is so dumb she…

This is going to put Your Mama Is So Dumb jokes in perspective. “If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations,” Palin told host Chris Plante, “then… Continue Reading →

Governor Palin abused her position and so what?

The report is in and apparently Governor Palin (or her husband, I can’t tell which) has abused her position. And it does not matter one bit. The folks who will vote for McCain only care about ethics, rules, and laws… Continue Reading →

McCain really needs to fire his ad guys

First they released a “McCain Wins Debate” ad a day early and now this. ex·ag·ger·at·ed –adjective 1. unduly or unrealistically magnified: to have an exaggerated opinion of oneself. 2. abnormally increased or enlarged. I did not watch the debates but,… Continue Reading →

Reformed Maverick for sure

Saw this on Crooks and Liars. I need to watch The Daily Show more often. Remember that Jon Stewart likes John McCain.  This is all comedy but it’s really funny to hear Ian McShane narrating this.

And it’s raining too!

Ohhhh boy. The announcement was intended to counter rumors by liberal bloggers that Ms. Palin had claimed to have given birth to her fifth child in April when, according to the rumors, the child was her daughter’s. Palin’s 17-Year-Old Daughter… Continue Reading →

Wow, what a maverick

Check out this interview with John McCain on the Time/CNN website.  It’s a little disturbing how far he’s gone off from being himself.  He is not the same man who competed with George W. Bush for the Republican presidential nomination.

John McCain is Hillary’s knight?

Politics sure make for odd reading.  John McCain’s campaign is reaching out for the angry bitter myopic accusatory how can you be so sexist supporters of Senator Clinton. “She won millions of votes. But isn’t on his ticket. Why? For… Continue Reading →

Wow, Romney called it quits

I just read on CNN that Romney is “suspending” his campaign. Suspending, does that mean he can kick start it at a later date? His reasoning sounded patriotic. He’s color coding the threat level (a Democrat winning the election would… Continue Reading →

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