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U.S. Supreme Court surprise

No way. I’m posting the image from CNN’s website but I could swear it says U.S. Supreme Court says detainees at Guantanamo Bay have constitutional right to challenge their detention in civilian courts. I see this headline and I can’t help… Continue Reading →

Wow, Romney called it quits

I just read on CNN that Romney is “suspending” his campaign. Suspending, does that mean he can kick start it at a later date? His reasoning sounded patriotic. He’s color coding the threat level (a Democrat winning the election would… Continue Reading → brings Fox and CNN together

Foxnews uses for it’s blogs? That’s very CNN of them.

Were they good questions?

I frequent some political blogs just to see what people are reacting to. I don’t think it really matters what the current administration does or what the Democrats do simply because both sides are incapable of a genuine compromise. The… Continue Reading →

There is a country in the middle-east called “healthcare plan”?

On CNN’s web page it says “President Bush announces healthcare plan”. Does President Bush think that “healthcare plan” is a middle-east country needing a bombing and invasion…?

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