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  1. What kills me is the people who are protesting this.

    Why do these people insist that the worst thing that can happen to the U.S. is people dying? That’s the worst thing for a person and their family.

    The worst for the U.S. is when we let the government do bad things to people unchecked. For this country it’s tossing people in jail because the “King” says so. Those detainees may be killers; but we can’t just toss out the rule of law because we dislike people.

    Many of the folks complaining about this are angry because they believe that the liberals and lawyers won out.

    The fact that people are being held, abused, and can’t do a damn thing about it does not matter to them at all.

  2. Horrifying isn’t it? FOUR justices on the Supreme Court don’t feel the Constitution is worth protecting…?

    Goodness gracious me, what would the founding fathers think of our attempts to dissolve the most important of rules they set in place. To have ruled in any other way would have been anathema to what this country STAND FOR.

  3. I think it’s remarkable and incredibly scary that The Gov’t of the United States is arguing in court that ANYONE does not have Civil Rights…