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Gundam 00 Episode 17

Now things are getting interesting. According to the last episode, Veda had no information regarding the new Gundams or their solar generators.

The new Haro was discovered 80 years ago

In the beginning of episode 17 it looks like some people scavenged a station orbiting Jupiter 80 years ago. Celestial Being has a competing organization; it was from that station that the purple haro came from.

Apparently the solar generators can only be created around Jupiter. When the Union professor realized that, he began to speculate that the purpose of Aeolia Schenberg’s plan might not be the eradication of war. He was killed soon after arriving at that conclusion by the new Throne Gundams.

The new Gundam Meisters are nuts. They claim they are part of Celestial Being but they can’t be; why steal their Haro from an abandoned station? Their technology is different and they are not stable and seek confrontation.