One Million Years BC poster from WikipediaI don’t know anything about this movie really, other than if I ever see it, it will be only when it hits cable. I’ve just looked over the trailer and the movie web site looks just fancy enough to not be too slick.

The Wikipedia page says the main character discovers a lost civilization. Can you call a civilization lost when the movie takes place in 10,000 BC?

It looks like it will be good escapism fun. I can’t wait for all the peopl who will insist “That did not happen! The dates are wrong!”. Independence Day was another Roland Emmerich flick and everyone liked that one. The trailer looks like they got the elements for a fun movie.

But quickly looking over the cast I can make one statement:

If you are going to make a movie called 10,000 B.C. then there ought to be a law saying that Raquel Welch MUST appear in at least a cameo.