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NY Autoshow

Picture of the family in front of the concept Jeep

Monday we took the kids to the NY Autoshow. The kids liked it and they came home exhausted.

It was like they turned Jacob Javits into one huge car dealership. There were very few concept cars. The cars were cool but I could have seen much of the same thing just by visiting the car dealers in my neighborhood.

The photo was from a promotional thing that Jeep was doing. They take your photo, you get it online and get exposed to way too much marketing material. I took pictures too and will probably upload them to Flickr.

The high point of the day was when the kids pulled off the center mirror on a Smart Car they were crawling over. After that I did not let them into the cars anymore.

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Jan Dembowski

2 replies

  1. omg… your kids pulled the center mirror off the smart car? I’m not surprised though! I have two kids of my own and they’d probably do the same thing! lol

    Do you remember what the car in the background is in the picture?