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Swimming once a week

I’m exhausted, my ears are clogged up, and I smell like chlorine. I’ve signed up with Lily to go to the Half Hollow Hills West Natatorium once a week for laps.

See, I’ve only been used to swimming at a leisurely pace to hang out.  I have successfully avoided going to a gym my entire life.  But Lily has been taking lessons for more than a year. Last semester she cast off all of her fear and swam in the 12 foot deep section.

Swimming is great exercise and tomorrow I will ache. I don’t think there is a muscle in my body that I have missed. I’ll keep up with it but I have to do something about my ears.  My right ear’s hearing is off by half and that bugs me.

The things I do to spend more time with my wife.

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Jan Dembowski

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  1. Swimming – its supposed to build character. It ends up doing that in lots of ways. First, the chlorine will make your hair brittle, and will also end up lightening it somewhat. Plus, running around in swim trunks will regularly emphasize any paunch you’ve build up, making you miserable (see how that builds character?).

    The pool looks nice, though.

  2. BTW, you’ll have to go at least twice a week to have any impact. Once a week just slows the muscle strength decline. Three times a week is optimal.