I blame Don Franklin Andrade

This is my work in progress photo of the MG MS-06J Zaku II “White Ogre” version. It’s hard to see them but did you notice the panel lines?

One of my friends on Flickr is a gentleman by the name of Franklin Andrade who also builds Gundam models as well. You can see some of his setup here, here, and especially HERE. You can view his entire Flickr set at this location.

One of his comments about my MG Gouf 2.0 was that he wanted to see some decals applied. See, that’s the sort of thing that makes me say “Why not?” and the White Ogre comes with water slide decals. But I don’t want to apply the decals unless I also mark the panel lines too.

Thus, I blame Franklin Andrade. 🙂 Thanks to his comment I am not only going to apply decals, but I am also putting on the panel lines. I’m having a great time and so far I am reminding myself that if I make any gross mistakes, I know where to purchase a replacement.

Once I get to the fully detailed stage, I’ll post photo right before I apply the decals.  It will take longer but I think the results and fun will be worth it.

5 thoughts on “I blame Don Franklin Andrade

  1. Hey Jan! Happy New Year again!

    Hahaha man, just finished reading this post… my Google Reader is totally abandoned, just stumbled into it just 5 min ago! 🙂

    Remember you told me in Flickr about the decals, good thing! the White Ogre is a really cool looking MS, shouldn’t sit there just bare-naked.

    My current work is lagged, a PG 00 is standing atop my desk, armless and Raiserless too… basically I’m missing the state of the mind I need for working on Gunpla; well, it’ll come back sooner than later… I hope!

    Take care; helloes to the family,


    PS: thanks for the mentions! 🙂

    1. Happy New Year! Mentions? What mentions? 🙂

      I know how you feel: I start on a model and get sidetracked. Normally that lasts a couple of months but then I pick it up again. The PG 00 is a huge project so I can’t wait to see how that looks when it’s completed.

      Who knows, maybe that will inspire me to work on my Char’s PG Zaku II…

      At the moment my MG Gouf 2.0 is waiting to be highlighted and have decals applied. Once I get back into that routine, I’ll post more photos.

      Best to you and your family,

      Jan Dembowski

  2. Mmm I was up to ask you about something: I have also the same kit hoarding problem! Do you know any cure? 14 unstarted kits! And the completed ones boxes are piled everywhere!

    I’ve started to wonder what to do with the empty boxes, perhaps disassembling and put them in a closet, don’t want to get rid of them.

    About the PG 00: go for it, it is very rewarding, it is also amazing when you see all the effort the designers did in the kit, it’s worth the time 🙂

    Last question: what do you do with your gunpla? vitrines? standing all around your house? what about dust?



    1. Do you know any cure?

      Get married and have 2 kids…? That worked mostly for me…

      I find that except for buying kits that are considered limited run (such as the 30th anniversary HG RX-78), I don’t need to buy anymore kits. The online stores I get them from have them in stock. That way I only virtually hoard them. I need to check, I still have more than 20 to build.

      Tossing out the empty boxes can be traumatic but lately I’ve been doing it and just keeping the instructions. That way I save on space.

      I display the last batch of Gunpla where the kids and I can see them, the rest end up in my basement. After a few years I let the kids play with them.

      It’s a great character building exercise for me. When the break the model I let them play with, I count to ten and say “you knew that would happen, relax…” 😀

      1. Well, I guess marriage and parenthood are outside of my reach right now 😉 so, if I find a way to cure the hoarding I’ll tell you about it.

        Right now my policy is “no more kits until you have completed at least half of these”, that works pretty well… the urge of spending money on plastic cheers me to keep building!

        I understand when you write about the character building exercise, working on gunpla has taught me many things and had many primary and secondary effects… being a strengtened Patience one of them! but in your case, children = destroyed models, no no… that’s beyond my reach, for the moment! ^_^

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