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Out with the Old

Here’s something I don’t do everyday.

The boxes are from Gunpla that I already assembled. I keep a closet of the models I plan on building as well as the instructions and spare parts from the models I have already put together.

Below is my current list of unassembled models.

I used HobbyLink Japan for reference, but I have purchased these from HobbyLink Japan, Hobby Search, Gundam Store and More, and ImageAnime. I don’t buy things from eBay much, these stores have good prices and always take care of their customers.

Master Grade

High grade

Perfect Grade

Non-Gundam Models

Models that my son expressed an interest in

Extra Models that I won’t build for one reason or another

To manage my Gunpla stash I plan to at least assemble the MG and HG models. The one’s I won’t build I’ll eventually sell off.

This is all about maintaining a hobby and not just hoarding model kits. These are a little more expensive than trading cards. 🙂

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Jan Dembowski

6 replies

  1. How Are you selling them? i know it’s been a while since the post, but if you’ve got any left i’d be happy to take them off your hands if i can afford it.
    my emails in the admin thingie, i think.

  2. NOOO!!

    it’s okay, i actually just ordered the HG Arios with boosters from them.

    this weekend i’m going to try to run into flushing and see if i can find any gunpla stores.
    then joe’s shanghai.

    1. Lately it’s been really thin in Flushing for Gunpla. It’s the yen-dollar conversion rates and makes stocking Gunpla from Japan really expensive. They don’t sell as quickly as Hello Kitty so there isn’t much to buy in Flushing.

      If you can get to Chinatown on Elizabeth Street there is a mini mall just south of the Police Station.

      Downstairs is two stores that sell lots of Gundam models. One of the guys there even assembles them for a fee and does great work.