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Out with the Old

Here’s something I don’t do everyday.

The boxes are from Gunpla that I already assembled. I keep a closet of the models I plan on building as well as the instructions and spare parts from the models I have already put together.

Below is my current list of unassembled models.

I used HobbyLink Japan for reference, but I have purchased these from HobbyLink Japan, Hobby Search, Gundam Store and More, and ImageAnime. I don’t buy things from eBay much, these stores have good prices and always take care of their customers.

Master Grade

High grade

Perfect Grade

Non-Gundam Models

Models that my son expressed an interest in

Extra Models that I won’t build for one reason or another

To manage my Gunpla stash I plan to at least assemble the MG and HG models. The one’s I won’t build I’ll eventually sell off.

This is all about maintaining a hobby and not just hoarding model kits. These are a little more expensive than trading cards. 🙂