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I blame Don Franklin Andrade

This is my work in progress photo of the MG MS-06J Zaku II “White Ogre” version. It’s hard to see…

Flickr Exif Info Greasemonkey script

I’m not a huge Greasemonkey script user, but the one’s I do use are all for Flickr. I just found…

Facebook and Flickr don’t like each other?

Update 6/7/2009: Still broken. Update 6/6/2009: I’ve used Flickr import three times and it looks like Facebook fixed the problem….

Flickr Firefox 3 problem

Update: I re-installed Vista 64 cleanly (wiped out everything) and I am using the Nvidia video drivers from Microsoft. Flickr…

Geotagging on Flickr with

Since the Disney trip, I’ve been playing around with the camera more than ever.  Marking your photos with geographical location…

Disney and digital photography

The whole family came back from Disney World Wednesday and here are some of my notes for the pictures I…

Memorial Day Weekend

This was one busy weekend.  Friday and Saturday was spent going and coming back from Strasburg, PA.  Sunday we had…

I got the Nikon D60

Well that was not too difficult.  After doing some shoping we went to Costco and picked up the Nikon D60….

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