Facebook and Flickr don’t like each other?

Update 6/7/2009: Still broken.

Update 6/6/2009: I’ve used Flickr import three times and it looks like Facebook fixed the problem.


Facebook has really taken off with the 35+ age group (which I am part of). I have been connecting with people I have not interacted with in 20 years.

As a result, I find myself using Facebook as a means to keep my friends up to date. One of the things I have come to depend upon was the Facebook Flickr integration.  Using this tool, when I upload pictures to Flickr account my Facebook friends get a notice and see my photos.

Normally this works sporadically. For the past two weeks it does not work at all. And I can’t find a link to let me ask Facebook “Hey, am I doing something wrong?” This functionality used to work but now it completely doesn’t.

I can’t really complain or get upset simply because I don’t pay Facebook, so I’m getting my money’s worth. But I wish they could provide something better than “Please try again later”. I suspect that the two site’s API changed but I can’t see any meaningful error messages to help figure it out.

10 thoughts on “Facebook and Flickr don’t like each other?

  1. Mine is broken too… used to work great and it stopped working just over a week ago. Been searching for an answer and no luck yet…

  2. Facebook is a little quiet on the support side, but I guess that’s to be expected.

    I just tried it today and it actually worked. My Facebook profile caught the last 5 pictures I uploaded.

    Tonight I’ll be adding more Flickr photos, so I’ll see if it is still works later on.

  3. mine has been spotty. The most recent hasn’t worked but my last upload appeared after a few days. ???

  4. Lately I’ve gotten lucky with trying multiple times until it imports. But it’s bizarre and should provide some reason for the erratic behavior.

  5. Mine has always been flakey; either working badly (like always saying I’ve uploaded 5 photos to Flickr regardless of how many I’ve put up, or updating itself days after I’ve uploaded to Flickr) to just not working at all. It’s gotten a lot worse lately, but it’s never worked properly for me (at least 4 months now)

  6. Yep, it’s still flakey. I have gotten mine to work but only by constantly retrying until it’s successful.

    Weird, it’s just inter app communication. It should just work.

  7. Mine keeps staying at last update 17 hours ago and won’t auto-update but upon clicking the update now button a couple of times I got it to post the pics. I was really hoping to use it while traveling because I have a wifi camera and I upload to flickr with it.

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