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Since the Disney trip, I’ve been playing around with the camera more than ever.  Marking your photos with geographical location info is cool and I’m thinking of getting a GPS fob/software combination.

In my searching I located this discussion on Flickr.  It’s a bookmarklet (that is NOT a word) that lets you easily insert map info on your Flickr pictures.  Unlike Flickr’s map info, this one is based on Google Maps and is loads easier to search location by name.

The globe opened  up

Here is a link to Flickr map for an Epcot fire works picture I took.  Here is the additional link that the script inserted when I filled out the info.  It’s linked to and is very cool.

The website is very Firefox friendly; Internet Explorer 7 chokes on the site.

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  1. I recently got the GiSTEQ PhotoTrakr GPS datalogger. I played with it only a few times so far. It works well. It syncs your photos for you also, but you do lose some EXIF data. The unit is nice and small with decent battery life.

    The cheapest place I found is:

    They are very fast on delivery and was recommended by a few forums that I found.

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