More USS Kearsarge

This was one busy weekend.  Friday and Saturday was spent going and coming back from Strasburg, PA.  Sunday we had a family BBQ with friends over.

Today we went to the city and saw the USS Kearsarge.  It’s in port as part of fleet week in the city.  Lily took our son last year Friday before Memorial Day.  This year we had too much going on and had to go today.

Memorial Day is a busy holiday alright and it was a mad house.  All fun and cool, but the ship was packed with people.  You can see the photos I have uploaded to Flickr here.  We went with both kids and my brother Alek.  After I shot over 100 pictures, I lent the camera to Alek and together we shot almost 400 pictures.

The kids are in energizer bunny mode.  They napped on the ride back home and now they are ready to go again.  Me and Lily are just plain out.

Tomorrow is back to work.  After going to Strasburg and walking in the city, I plan to pick up a Lowepro 200 backpack.  Carrying the camera using the stock Nikon bag was a drag.  It’s not meant for walking around with.  A back pack means more comfort and less pain.

I mean, why spend the money on a DSLR kit if you are not going to carry it around and go nuts with it?