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Michael Chertoff doesn’t just look like a ghoul

You know I hate to see any detainee die in prison. And I always believe if there is negligence or misconduct that ought to be punished. I also recognize that the population of any detention facility, whether it’s a state prison, federal prison, you’re going to get a certain number of deaths.

Aftermath of an Immigrants Death in Detention – City Room – Metro – New York Times Blog.

That must be comforting to the family of Hiu Lui Ng.  I wonder what is the percentage of deaths at a facility has to be before it’s considered a “problem”?

GPS Order is restored

On Saturday August 9th, my car got broken into and the Nuvi 360 was stolen.  The window was fixed last week and today I received the replacement navigation unit.  This time with a no-slip dashboard stand.

Lily and I thought about which one to buy. Rather than getting the latest and greatest, we just opted for the same model.  It works really well, has good Bluetooth support, and I’m used to it.  Also it was several hundred dollars cheaper than when I first bought it.  Why mess with what I’m used to?

Our next car will almost certainly have GPS built in, so this one is destined for my MINI Cooper.

This time I’m using the Garmin lock feature.  It works like this: when the GPS unit comes on and it’s at home, it just works.  When I’m away from home it will ask for a PIN.  If I forget the PIN and can’t take it to it’s home position, then I’ll have to send it to Garmin to have it unlocked.  I’m registering this new one with Garmin.

This won’t prevent my window from being smashed (yeah, yeah, I’m not leaving the unit in my car anymore) but if someone does steal it, at least it will be useless to the next person.

Code Geass – R2 Episode 19

Wow, Zero lost everything in this episode.  At the end, the Emperor is talking about re-writing the world, replacing the old world with a new one.

I have a feeling that that will happen with Zero eliminating the deaths of all the people he has caused to die.

Rain 1, Cell Phone 0

I killed my Blackberry 8100.  I was caught in a downpour from 24th Street and Park Avenue South to 32nd Street and 7th Avenue.   I’m charging up one of my old Motorola junkers but soon I have to get a new iPhone 3G. Update: Phone is dry now and working.  No iPhone yet.

American team wins the swimming relay

“The Americans? We’re going to smash them. That’s what we came here for”

-Alain Bernard

I keep watching the DVR. On behalf of all the fans of the U.S. swimming team: Thank you for motivating our Olympic team.  That was some relay race. It came down to 8/100s of a second!