In my closet on the ceiling, the plasterboard is soft and discolored in a small area.  Looks like a leak in the roof and there is this noise which I though was something dripping.  The noise was constant and we just figured that it was some leak from a pipe in the attic.  I had no idea why there would be a pipe there (there wasn’t) but the stain looked like water damage, so it was either a pipe or the roof.

So I go get the ladder and climbed into the attic.  I had to crawl through a small space to get to the top of my closet.  It looked bone dry and the insulation did not seem to have any mold. There was no sign that the roof was less than perfect.

So my Dad went into my closet and pushed a wooden dowel through the soft part of the ceiling.  The hole he made was around a 1/4 of inch wide if that much.

When he took the dowel out approximately 20 wasps came through that tiny hole like dive bombers. I just made an appointment for Terminex to come here TODAY.

I’m glad it’s not a roof or some mysterious non-existant pipe but now I am locked out of my room while I wait for the exterminator.

UPDATE: Well the gentleman from Terminex was here. What happened is this: by poking the small hole in the ceiling, we made a simple extermination job really, really complicated.  If we did not make that hole, then he’d have made it but would have a) covered it up and b) pumped poison into the nest and just kill them.

My closet (with it’s door closed and a towel at the bottom!) has over 100 hornets inside. So he gassed the nest from the outside and then gassed the closet.  There are a bunch of dead hornets in my bedroom.  I’m to NOT go inside that closet until FRIDAY.  At that time either things will go really well and I’ll have a lot of dead hornets to clean up, or things will be really bad.

Either way if I open up that door and a dozen or more are still alive, I’m going to get stung. Can’t wait for Lily to come back home… all of her clothing is in that closet.