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Is there a Darwin Award equivalent for lawsuits…?

After that dim bulb lost the case against the RIAA (gremlins used her computer not her) I was hoping that other opponents against oh say, the MPAA would have better results. So naturally when TorrentSpy received a complaint they basically… Continue Reading →

Senator Harry Reid Senate Majority “Leader”?

I think Senator Reid forgot what the word leader means. It does not mean roll over and play dead. Seriously this is why the next president will be a republican. Likely Rudy, maybe Mitt. They’ll get all Jack Bauer and… Continue Reading →

Rodents Of Unusual Size found!

Wonder if these Rodents of Unusual Size were found in Fire Swamp?

Zatoichi Challenged

When you are stuck at home thanks to a wet and icy storm you see a lot of TV. One of the high definition channels we get is the Kung Fu channel. They take a movie and then play it… Continue Reading →

It’s an action figure

On my son’s birthday I got him a G.I. Joe Sigma 6 Arctic Duke.  This one is from Hasbro’s web site. Its very different from the one’s I had growing up (but still has the kung-fu grip). For starters it… Continue Reading →

Baseball and doping

When the report came out most of the guys in the office were not surprised. Two things surprised me about that report. First was that some people did not have a problem with “juicing”. They pointed out that baseball is… Continue Reading →

Gundam 00 GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh

So that’s where the missing GN-004 was. Episode 10 revealed it. The episode was weird; looks like the only Gundam Meisters that aren’t really nuts are Setsuna and Lockon. Tieria was revealed to be a “you are not worthy” creep… Continue Reading →

If Rudy becomes president, will we also have a 1st mistress…?

After reading Gothamist’s post on this I have to ask: if Rudy becomes president, will we also have a 1st mistress? And what would the security secret service look like on paper for that? Does the federal government even have… Continue Reading →

2007 Christmas tree

Here is a picture of the 2007 Christmas tree just completed today. This year we purchased a new tree. It’s pre-lit and we added LED lights to add color. It’s also 9 feet tall and narrow at the base so… Continue Reading →

Now this is just scary

I just saw this on Reddit: House vote on illegal images sweeps in Wi-Fi, Web sites. The vote was 409-2. According to the article this bill would make it a crime to run an open Wi-Fi access point without being… Continue Reading →

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