pg-13 I just saw this on Reddit: House vote on illegal images sweeps in Wi-Fi, Web sites. The vote was 409-2.

According to the article this bill would make it a crime to run an open Wi-Fi access point without being able to report illegal images including obscene cartoons or face fines up to $300,000. Read the link, it covers it well.

I work in network security for companies. Outside of web proxies using subscription based content filters, how can a coffee shop or library afford the technology to scan images for content?

Huh. I wonder if someone reports open Wi-Fi hot spots and a fine is levied, can that person put in for a reward? As a Dad I think the idea of protecting children is admirable. But can they stick to actual laws that work? This type of law pushes the crime away from the offender and onto other people: they can’t stop these monsters but the law can abuse people who make it possible for people to do bad things.

Why not just go after the electric companies? No electricity means no Internet. Why can’t the electric companies maintain the technology that lets them tell when people are committing crimes using electricity?

This is why President Bush’s administration can get away with anything at all. The Democrats are trying to out Republican the Republicans.

I bet Threat Level would have something on this if they were not covering Hans Reiser’s murder trial so closely.

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Update: Seems like Arstechnica sheds the light of reason on the bill. I still dislike the pushing the penalty for the crime onto others (ISPs apparently) but Mom and Pop coffee shops may be off the hook.