G.I. Joe action figureOn my son’s birthday I got him a G.I. Joe Sigma 6 Arctic Duke.  This one is from Hasbro’s web site.

Its very different from the one’s I had growing up (but still has the kung-fu grip). For starters it looks like it could survive anything I could do to it. I don’t think I could break this and I am sure that a 6 year old would have trouble too.

I want to start getting the kids more appropriate *cough* less expensive *cough* toys. Right now the basement is filled with toys that are wrecked and should be tossed out. Between uncles and cousins, those kids can out stock a toy store.

His grandparents had gotten him a Lionel train and he is nuts about it. I was talking to him and asking him if he likes the G.I. Joe:

Me: Do you like it?

Son: It’s okay. It doesn’t do anything.

Me: Well, I got you this doll so you could play with it. You played with your sisters dolls and I thought you’d like this one better.

Son: (Looking at me like I need pity) Daddy, It’s not a doll. It’s an action figure.

Sigh. He started playing with it some more but he’ll always prefer any Lionel train over an action figure