Thanks Hyundai for the Duh imageAfter that dim bulb lost the case against the RIAA (gremlins used her computer not her) I was hoping that other opponents against oh say, the MPAA would have better results.

So naturally when TorrentSpy received a complaint they basically went back and modified forum postings and talked about it in a public forum. Arstechnica explains but geez.

It was bad enough when the judge rationalized that data in RAM is a record and needs to be preserved (note: when that happens, you a) kill the network link, and b) ask the judge for help with that, it’s really game over when the judge is that clueless). The judge made a bad call but for them to go back and modify what data they had… that’s just plain stupid.

The MPAA and RIAA continue to shake down people for cash. They intentionally abuse their customers and rationalize it as good for their market. But if you really do break the law (see the RIAA genius) or you are skating on shaky ground like TorrentSpy then don’t make it worse by actually tampering with evidence that is supposed to come out in discovery.