Gundam 00 GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh

So that’s where the missing GN-004 was. Episode 10 revealed it.

Gundam 00 GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh

The episode was weird; looks like the only Gundam Meisters that aren’t really nuts are Setsuna and Lockon. Tieria was revealed to be a “you are not worthy” creep in episode 7 and Allelujah Haptism switches personalities to a homicidal maniac.

Aside from Allelujah possibly having some New Type ability (and what was with Tieria’s eyes when Virtue revealed Nadleeh?) he also turns into a real nut job.

The show is still developing well and I like it more than Gundam Seed. It was revealed in episode 9 that the Celestial Being organization was around for a while. One of the characters told Lockon that both her parents were Gundam Meisters. With such a hidden history and established force (Setsuna was saved by a Gundam in 2301, the story takes place in 2307) I wonder if it will be revealed that there are other Gundam teams working in the shadows?

A good write up of the episode can be found at Random Curiosity.

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  1. Zephyr,

    I thought Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny had some good points but mostly I did not think it was very original.

    Seed started with a Gundam jack and had a main character that spent lots of time agonizing over the choices he had to make. Kira Yamato had too much in common IMHO with Amuro Rey and Camille Bidan.

    Also especially in Gundam Seed Destiny the recycling of the Zakus Goufs and Tri Star Doms was a bit much.

    The part I liked the best was when the Destiny Gundam was totally defeated by the Infinite Justice Gundam.

  2. Gundam Seed is full of trash, from the story line down to the characters. The fight scenes sucks, mechs are overdone/exaggerated, plot is weak(READ:RECYCLED). I wish they just re-animated the original series rather than doing Seed.

  3. Noname,

    Wow, that’s harsh. I guess you won’t be following the rest of the series…

    For some good animation using the Gundam’s from the original to Zeta you might want to check out the Gundam Evolve animation. Most of it is CGI and looks really good.

    Youtube has some online. The quality is not too good there but it gives you an idea of how it is.

  4. Gundam 00 is the BEST Gundam series to date. Its much more complex than Seed or Seed Destiny ever where.

    Ive seen all the episodes so far its pretty sweet. Gundam Nadleeh is by far the strangest gundam besides the throne gundams. but sadly it remides me of the Noble Gundam (G Gundam).. :[

  5. Seed was “okay” but it was too busy trying to copy the original Gundam series. Wing was more focused but the whole “pretty teenager” thing with Wing was a bit much.

    With Seed Destiny the copying of the original Gundam was complete. I mean, they even had the Black Tri-stars.

    So far I like what’s going on with Gundam 00.

  6. Tribeking,

    Nope, did not know that 🙂 But looking at the pilot of Nadleeh I can’t say I’m too surprised.

    In the coming second season of Gundam 00 there appears someone who looks like Tieria (Nadleeh/Virtue pilot) but is not him and probably is a girl.

    See the post on Random Curiosity. The image is this one.

  7. Seed+Destiny were really emo and whiny. heroes cried all the time and just whined that they dont want to fight. In 00 the heroes are fighting cause they want to and that is big PLUS in my book. Also i think that 00 is samekid like Wing, which is/was best Gundam series.
    Althou 00 is good, I havent been this excited about anime in long time 😀

  8. I agree, Seed and Destiny were way over the top for whiny emo kids. The action in Gundam 00 is good and I like the story line.

    The end of Gundam 00 Season 1 was mixed for me. I don’t like how all the Gundam opponents became an Earth Federation. But at the end we see a teaser for “00 Gundam, the Gundam that will change the world.” so that was very cool.

  9. Gundam seed was really good, but Destiny while still being good had to many flash backs, and while I like the Strike freedom and Infinite Justice, they were just a bit to super and everything. I really like the Gundam 00 series has to be my favorite of all three.

    In a way i think Gundam as a whole is a bit to similar to Evangelion.

  10. I thought the mech’s in Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny weren’t all that bad, and while Destiny’s story line was definately lacking something (originality?), SEED’s was somewhat decent.
    So far, I definately like 00, but Gundam Wing has to be the most over-rated Gundam series.

  11. KT,

    So far my favorite mecha are from Zeta. I was never able to get into Gundam Wing. Endless Waltz was okay, but the series was lacking.

    I did not mind SEED but the 0079 and Zeta plot stealing was a bit much. I mean, I got it in 0079 and Zeta: War is bad and everyone dies. 00 is kind of like that but I’m hoping the next part will have a better ending.

  12. heh…tieria…that wasnt “new type”…well, im guessing that u probably figured out now(its been four months, right??), but tieria is a part of this group of people(??) called “innovators”, and can control “Vader(computer)”…

  13. i think most gundam are just really recycled from the original, 00 is alot like wing, makes me want to watch the original now

  14. tieria is infact a human-cyborg thing. they are called innovators as you will learn in season 2. the eye effect is what happens when tieria connects with Veda; Celestial Beings Quantum Computer Core.

  15. Overheal,

    Yep I’ve caught up on my episodes.

    This season of Gundam 00 has me a little down. They have

    Titans (A-Laws),
    Newtypes (Innovators),
    a colony laser (Memento Mori),
    Paptimus Scirocco (Ribbons Almark)

    You get the idea. If Setsuna starts getting teenage angst I’m going to scream…

  16. i haven’t seen 00 yet but fron the preview that i saw from a hobby shop, it looks cool.

    i agree to the idea that SEED and SEED Destiny suck!

    what irked me was that Kira and his Freedom were way too good! damn it, aren’t the MS and its pilot gonna go down?

    it made me euphoric when i saw IMPULSE, or should i say Shinn, took down Freedom but, WTF! the excuse was the pilot wasn’r focused on engaging the Impulse but letting the Archangel go away and save its butt.

    and come to think of it, Kira and Freedom are somewhat “invulnerable” – that sucks!

    even Heero and his gang lost suits because they were overpowered by opponents but kira? – he’s far from reality. hahaha!

    well, i must see 00. i’ve heard that it has a different taste compared to other series.

    i love the discussions here.

  17. I’ve already seen several MS’s that eject their armor during a critical codition (like RX-78-NT-1 Alex against MS-18E Kampfer and Duel Gundam AS against Forbidden Gundam). The only difference is that Nadleeh seems to be more powerful than Virtue (because they are trying to hide its true form…)

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