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MTA strike over for now

Still more fun.
(1010 WINS) (NEW YORK) Mayor Michael Bloomberg expressed his anger over the transit strike at a Wednesday afternoon press conference. “It needs to end, and it needs to end right now…

Christmas decorations up tonight

Today we took out the Christmas decorations and put them up. We waited for the kids to take a nap and then me and one of my brothers went to the basement and brought up the tree and lights.
My brot…

Posting using the Xinha4wp

This is essentially the same posting as the last two but using the Xinha4wp plugin. It’s an awesome plugin. The images need to places on the server before hand but that is not to different from the other two pieces… Continue Reading →

Playing around with PC clients

I am still working around with WordPress and my trial of BlogJet. Still playing mostly so I will see what happens with this new version.
It is looking like a tie between BlogJet and Zoundry Blog Wr…

Internet Explorer PNG problem

I just installed a weather icon on the side bar of my blog. In Firefox it looks great. It draws a PNG formatted icon for the weather condition. The plugin is easy to install, provides a option page in WordPress… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Linux

I had been thinking about playing with Ubuntu Linux for some time now and at the end of October I went to the web site and ordered a set of Ubuntu 5.10 CDs. You fill out the form, and… Continue Reading →

More fooling around with WordPress

This is a posting using Zoundry Blog Writer. The picture on the side was taken in the F.E.A.R. game at the end. This is me playing with the picture placement within Zoundry Blog Writer Lite. A few days ago I… Continue Reading →

Adding favicon.ico to every web page

Edit May 2nd, 2009: It’s amazing that I still get hits for this web page.  This info was from 2005 and these days it is easy to add a favicon.ico just by putting a copy in your web servers root… Continue Reading →

Okay found one commercial product for posting.

Hrm. Here is an interesting program. BlogJet is a windows application that gives a GUI for blog posts. It supports Bullets Spell Checking Insertion of links to images (see above logo) And comes with a 30 day trial It has… Continue Reading →

Interesting application this WordPress

After a couple of days I can see that blog’s are an interesting concept, and light weight software on the server and client. Using WordPress I can Write and publish content, I can play with the theme of the blog,… Continue Reading →

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