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New web page

As mentioned below, the old web page was really old and stale. This one may not be much better but at least I can update it easier and fool around with WordPress. The old web page can be found here.

F.E.A.R. Game

Two weeks ago I purchased a really cool game called F.E.A.R. This is a scary well written horror/action flick. It’s meant to be played in the dark with the volume turned up. And the kids asleep, the game is very graphic. The game is so good, I upgraded my 128MB […]

Welcome to my server.

Paraphrasing from the original web page: Welcome to the Consulting home Page. The majority of our work has been related to firewalls, IP routing w/UNIX based servers, and mail systems of different types (SMTP connectivity). Around 1994 the forces of the universe conspired to change my method of employment […]

1997. I think.

The original web page for has not changed since 1997. At the time the tools that existed on the Internet were Netscape and some not very good Microsoft Office tools. On the server side the pages were static. Now in 2005 there are tons of tools. This blog is […]