After a couple of days I can see that blog’s are an interesting concept, and light weight software on the server and client. Using WordPress I can

  • Write and publish content,
  • I can play with the theme of the blog,
  • Administer the blog,
  • install new themes, plugins, etc.

All done with very little effort; this software is very easy to use. WordPress was disturbingly quick to install and very little Geek Points needed to set this up. Total time spent setting this up was all of 45 minutes, and mostly because I did not read the easy to read and search online help. But I also see that there are some (minor) drawbacks.

I have not yet seen (okay in a few days) a good interface for formating and dropping in graphics. The default tool is very good and easy to use but requires the author to insert HTML codes. What I’d like to see is some sort of editing tools along the lines of gmail’s interface. Gmail’s compose mail tool let’s you format the text, insert bullets, change font and size, etc. I’m very happy with WordPress and will keep looking for someway to do this. GMail might actually work; I can setup a mail account and post via that e-mail. I’ll set that up and see if it preserves the html formatting.