Paraphrasing from the original web page:

Welcome to the Consulting home Page.

The majority of our work has been related to firewalls, IP routing w/UNIX based servers, and mail systems of different types (SMTP connectivity).

Around 1994 the forces of the universe conspired to change my method of employment from a regular salaried employee to a paid by the hour consultant. This has various pros and cons.

My main interest for a long time has been IP networking. This naturally led to my getting very involved firewalls such as the TIS Firewall Tool kit, Checkpoint Firewall-1, and Gauntlet.

It also meant that I got involved in UNIX and variant operating systems such as Linux. When I got involved in Intel based UNIX all that was available at that time was SCO. That system had a Digiboard and 15 WYSE-50 terminals. The support from SCO was “we don’t support that hardware. Buy a real computer and than call us back.” So when my brother Ed introduced me to Slackware Linux I was dubious. The operating system at that time was 0.99pl11! But it worked with our hardware and was more UNIX than SCO (IMHO).

I’ve been using Linux for several years now. I’ve moved from Slackware to RedHat because the package management was superior, now I just stay because I’ve gotten used to the setup. From Redhat to Fedora.

This box is running Fedora Core 1 and handles our e-mail and web page. It’s running on a dual processor P3 933MHz with 256MB of RAM.

The text never really got updated and is well silly. I think all home/hobbyist web sites really want a running log.